It can only get better for SEGA, right?

I still remember the old days when SEGA competed against Nintendo, specifically the SEGA Genesis vs. Nintendo SNES. At one point, it even looked like SEGA might win that war. But since then, SEGA made so many missteps that they’ve been relegated to being just a gaming software company. It’s year 2012 now and SEGA has since begun to explore the potential behind marketplaces, specifically the App Store. Their most recent launch was Sonic CD for iOS devices, which received rave reviews. Now, with the opening of a new studio located in the UK called Hardlight, formed by the previous SEGA Racing team, SEGA hopes to launch one of its new projects for the Vita sometime late in 2012. Here’s to hoping that the small studio can help to turn the aging giant around, or at least help it begin to face the right direction.

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