PS3 hacked to extend the gaming library of Remote Play

One of the great new features of the PS Vita is it’s ability to remotely play (hence the name “Remote Play”) PS3 games. Sony initially plans to support only a few titles via Remote Play, such as PlayStation 3’s Killzone 3, as was demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show last year.

The reason for its limited launch library is due to the fact that each PlayStation 3 title needs to be tweaked to account for the differences in the “memory and CPU use”, but likely also needs to allow for differences in the control-scheme as the PS Vita’s dual-analog sticks do not have push capability nor does it have L2 and R2 shoulder buttons. Fret not, though, as Sony has announced that it will be giving devs the tools to refactor their games to support RemotePlay.

As evidenced by several YouTube videos, it appears that the firmware of the PS3 has been hacked to allow for a more extensive PS3 game library to be used with RemotePlay. What this means is that you could potentially play more PS3 games on your Vita. Can’t complain about that. What I can complain about, however, is that even if you can get the game to load on your Vita, it looks like you’re going to experience a nasty lag. So for now, it looks like we’re going to have to wait for the devs to get behind RemotePlay. Can’t say I’m not excited though!

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