Teardown shows Sony will actually make money on the Vita

Most people know that Sony had a hard time making money on the PlayStation 3.  This was especially true when it first launched with all of its features (at one point Sony was losing over $300 with each PS3 sold!). It took Sony years before it could make a profit on the PlayStation 3 hardware. Of course, in all fairness, Sony had a strategy behind the PlayStation 3 Рit needed to push Blu-ray as the next standard in media distribution and Sony expected to make up for the losses in hardware with sales in software.  Continue reading

Plants vs. Zombies coming to the Vita

PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) is reportedly going to be available at the time of launch in the US. The game was given rave reviews by many and was personally a favorite of mine. If you haven’t tried it, and you’re planning on getting a Vita, this might be a game to get depending on its cost. The game should have special features that would leverage the Vita’s unique abilities.

The other great thing about this news is that it could be indicative of how the PlayStation Store is being received. Hopefully we’ll continue to see successful dev teams from other marketplaces port and even develop new games for the Vita. Let’s wait and find out.


The beginning of something great

With the new 2012 year ahead of us, what better way than to launch a new site with a new gaming system? OK, I went a little bit too far with all the “new”s. But in all seriousness, we’re excited to be the one-stop shop for all news related to your PS Vita. Sure, it’s been out in Japan for over a month now, but that’s no reason not to get hyped about its arrival to the United States. We’re not too far away from its US launch (Feb 15 or Feb 22, depending on which pre-order purchase you made), but there’s still a lot of news to come your way. Stay tuned and welcome to PS Vita Lounge.

And please pardon our dust. The look and feel of this site are going to be changing very soon.