Bringing back the beats

One of the games that I’m looking forward to hearing (yes, I meant “hearing”, not “playing”) once the PS Vita launches comes from Q Entertainment. Some of you old school PSP gamers may recognize the screenshot above as Lumines, and you’d only be partially right. The game is actually from the upcoming game, Lumines Electronic Symphony.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the gameplay of Lumines, you probably would guess that this game is just another Tetris clone. And while there are certainly “blocky” aspects to both games and you could probably classify both as being in the puzzle genre, that’s pretty much where the similarities would end. Hit the jump for more details.

Lumines is all about dropping randomly colored 4×4 squares and matching their colors on a bottom stack in at least 4×4 squares to eliminate them via a timeline (the “line” that moves from left to right across your screen). There’s a good deal of strategy that goes into this game that gives it the same long-term appeal that you might expect from a good puzzle game.

But honestly, what sets this game apart from many other puzzle games, in my opinion, is the game’s emphasis on GREAT music, specifically great electronic music. In fact, as you progress through the game, you unlock new themes that include new music. So if you’re a lover of electronic music, there’s definitely incentive for you to progress through the game. All in all, Q Entertainment licensed 33 songs from a wide variety of artists to improve your listening pleasure while playing Lumines.

This is definitely one of the games I’ll be looking forward to play on the PS Vita. Check out the trailer below: