Gravity Rush leaves its reviewers in a Daze

The early reviews for Gravity Rush are beginning to come in, and Famitsu, who got its hands on the Japanese version of Gravity Rush (called Gravity Daze in Japan), gave the game high marks. Out of a total of 40 possible points, Famitsu gave the game a 10, 9, 9, 10, for a total of 38 points. If the game turns out to be as good as Famitsu declares, I’ll have to give myself a nice pat on the back for being able to identify the best amongst the launch (day or wind0w) titles. For comparison purposes, Famitsu gave the game a 35 for Uncharted.

Source : Andriasang

  • Bfoa

    I’m interested to see what other games will be coming out for the vita…

    • Anonymous

      Personally, I think the other game that interests me at the moment is Marvel vs. Capcom.