Minecraft players everywhere but the PS Vita

It was recently confirmed in a meeting with Daniel Kaplan that there were “no plans” to bring Minecraft to the PS Vita. This comes as a bit of a surprise given that it was ported to work with the other Sony “handheld”, the Xperia. In fact, it was exclusively released to the Xperia PLAY on the Android Market on August 16, 2011. iOS and other Android users eventually got their hands on Minecraft – Pocket Edition later on in the year. Since its being available, it’s been reported that over 8500 people have played.

Now before you Minecrafters freak out, just because there aren’t any near-term plans to bring Minecraft to the PS Vita doesn’t mean that could change in the future. Assuming that the PS Vita becomes a resounding success, the PlayStation Store will hopefully serve as another channel to distribute the popular indie game.

Image Credit: Reece Bennett

Source : Mojang

  • Starboi33

    why must MC be on xperia,that device sucks alot more than the PsP does comaired to the vita.