Foosball 2012 coming to PS3 and PS Vita

OK, someone please tell me if I’m just missing something here. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that they’re going to be allowing for Cross Play between the PS3 and the PS Vita. It’s great that they can use the Move controller to act like the real handles. I even think it’s great that if you buy the PS3 version, you get to play both. According to Sony, the game itself will cost $9.99 or less, but if it’s anything more than $1, I’m going to have to scratch my head at why anyone would get this. I can’t see how playing this on a regular controller, whether the DualShock or the PS Vita’s analog sticks, will translate well. One of the most important skills in playing foosball is the ability to control the ball. For those of you who’ve played, you know that it takes really good hand-eye coordination. From the looks of the game, the passing is pretty much all taken care of for you. Furthermore, you lose one of the best things about the game: the randomness of how the ball will roll. As much as I love foosball, this is likely going to be a pass for me.

Canabalt runs to a PlayStation Mini near you

Canabalt, the musical running game that originated as a Flash game and then ported to iOS, will soon be available to the PS Vita as a PSP Mini, meaning you’ll be able to find and purchase it via PlayStation Store. Adam Saltsman made the announcement in a Tweet last week that it would be hitting the US within a weeks time.

Not sure if you want the game yet? That’s OK because you can try it out first here. The premise of the game is straightforward and the controls can’t get any easier (one button!). While the game itself is simple, I have to say that I find myself getting hooked into playing it over and over again. I guess I’m just a sucker for games with a awesome musical soundtrack.

Here’s to hoping that more developers will be porting to the PlayStation Store.

Sumioni: Demon Arts releases today

If you’ve been waiting for this Samurai platformer, then today is your day!  For $19.99, Sumioni will be available on PSN sometime today according to the Playstation blog.  The game makes use of the front and rear touch panels to “paint” physical paths onto the screen and perform attack moves.  I’ve you’ve never seen it in action, check out the video below!

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Sony brings Music Unlimited to the PS Vita

For you music lovers, you’ll be happy to know that Sony Entertainment Network has made its library of 15 million songs (give or take a few based on what country you live in) available via the PS Vita now. The great thing about the service is that you can listen to songs even while being offline, something that isn’t often offered by other cloud-based music services like Spotify unless you pay for Spotify Premium. Pricing-wise, you’re looking at two prices: $3.99 and $9.99 per month, for Basic and Premium, respectively.

The PS Vita allows for a touch-based navigation of the Music Unlimited service making “it easy to navigate menus and search for music with the tap or swipe of a finger.”

Sound Shapes hands on at GDC

For those of you interested with what is going on at the GDC, Sony has a quick 6 minute video covering the Queasy Games game, Sound Shapes. I had the opportunity to play the demo while at one of the Vita Hill Social Clubs, and while I wasn’t exactly wowed by the graphics, there was something to be said about the uniqueness of the game.

Pimp your ride in MotorStorm RC for FREE tomorrow

As part of a marketing promotion for Scion, the PS Vita version of MotorStorm RC will be available  for the grand price of $0 for US gamers beginning March 6. Yes, that’s right. The complete game for FREE. But you better hurry because it’s only for a limited time. As part of the promotion, you’ll be able to drive a custom RC version of Scion’s new car, exclusive to the PS Vita: the iQ. For those of you who aren’t aware and think this is just another crappy game, note that it received high marks when it launched in the UK 2 weeks ago. It was rated an 8/10 by Eurogamer.

This type of promotion is definition not the first for racing games. For iOS gamers, Firemint ran a similar deal where they gave away an abridged version of their Real Racing game as part of a Volkswagen promotion.

Don’t forget to put this on you calendar – the game will be available tomorrow afternoon Pacific time.

Sony promises new PS Vita games on March 9

About time. I was worried that I’d be stuck staring at Little Deviants being in the top charts for another year. Luckily for us, Sony will be announcing a new slew of games on March 9 at 6 am EST.

The announcement can be viewed on their Japanese PlayStation website. Labeled “Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven,” Sony plans on covering all things related to the PS Vita, most importantly, new games. Joining the fun will be game developers, who will be presenting as well.

Facebook is back for social network addicts

OK, if you seriously need Facebook on every device imaginable because your computer, phone, TV, and tablet aren’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook is available for download again on PSN. For those that already had it installed only to find it broken, fear not, it’s working again. Everyone can now breathe easy again. Phew!