Foosball 2012 coming to PS3 and PS Vita

OK, someone please tell me if I’m just missing something here. I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that they’re going to be allowing for Cross Play between the PS3 and the PS Vita. It’s great that they can use the Move controller to act like the real handles. I even think it’s great that if you buy the PS3 version, you get to play both. According to Sony, the game itself will cost $9.99 or less, but if it’s anything more than $1, I’m going to have to scratch my head at why anyone would get this. I can’t see how playing this on a regular controller, whether the DualShock or the PS Vita’s analog sticks, will translate well. One of the most important skills in playing foosball is the ability to control the ball. For those of you who’ve played, you know that it takes really good hand-eye coordination. From the looks of the game, the passing is pretty much all taken care of for you. Furthermore, you lose one of the best things about the game: the randomness of how the ball will roll. As much as I love foosball, this is likely going to be a pass for me.