Skype arrives to the PS Vita

If you felt like you didn’t have Skype on enough platforms already, you will be happy to know that Skype finally dropped onto the PlayStation®Store for North America. European folks will have to wait until Wednesday to get their hands on this App. The new Skype App offers both Skype-to-Skype voice and video (and you thought you’d never use that front-facing camera, did ya?) calling. The App allows for calls over both WiFi and 3G (and you thought you’d never use that 3G, did ya?). Fortunately, unlike it’s sibling on the Windows Phone, Skype on the PS Vita can run in the background, allowing you to take calls while running other PS Vita Apps. Note, however, that some games like Uncharted don’t allow for WiFi to be enabled, thereby making Skype moot. Hit the jump to see Skype in action.

Source : Skype