Madden NFL 13 demo available today

For all you Madden fans, Madden NFL 13 is dropping onto PSN as a demo. And if you like it, you’ll be even happier to know that it’ll be made available on August 28th.

What I’ve always found appealing about Madden games on handhelds is the ability to have your own private screen. One of the things I hated with consoles when playing with a friend at home is how he or she could guess what type of play you were choosing. With a handheld, you can sit next to your buddy and still know that your plays are a complete secret.

In an effort to differentiate the game from it’s bigger console brother, the PS Vita version will have (for better or for worse) controls unique to the PS Vita. You will be able to draw your hot routes on the front touchscreen, double tap the rear touch pad to juke when running, etc. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of gimmicky controls (I think Gravity Rush did an amazing job of incorporating the PS Vita’s unique controls), but I’m open to seeing how well Madden NFL 13 brings them into the overall gameplay.