To buy or wait?

With the PS Vita’s  launch date quickly approaching many of you have probably already read many of the in-depth reviews of the device elsewhere since it’s already been released in Asia.  Others of you have had the opportunity to test the PS Vita firsthand at one of the various Ps Vita social clubs in a major city nearby.  For the rest of you, the question remains if you’ll chose to be one of the early adopters of the most advanced portable gaming hardware in existence or decide to take a wait and see approach. Hit the jump for more details.

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Head to the Border for your chance to win a PS Vita!

Head to the border for your chance to win a PS Vita!

For those of you that frequent your neighborhood taco bell, this is my public service announcement to compensate your health for being so adventurous.   Yes, you can win a PS Vita from Taco Bell, you faux Mexican food lover you!  Saw the commercial today.  Sony has joined forces with Taco bell to promote their PS Vita giveaway which started jan 26th and runs through march 11th.  Every 15  minutes a Ps Vita will be given away.   Simply order a $5 buck box (cheesy gordita crunch, burrito supreme and a crunchy taco) for your chance to win.  If you want to spare your stomach but still partake in this promotional contest you can go to Taco Bells website or download their mobile app.   The promotion is called “Unlock the Box”, (get it? You’re unlocking the box of tacos as well as potentially, the PS Vita…)