Sumioni: Demon Arts releases today

If you’ve been waiting for this Samurai platformer, then today is your day!  For $19.99, Sumioni will be available on PSN sometime today according to the Playstation blog.  The game makes use of the front and rear touch panels to “paint” physical paths onto the screen and perform attack moves.  I’ve you’ve never seen it in action, check out the video below!

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PSN updates include Foursquare app

The PS Blog has announced their weekly PSN updates, and it looks like there is a new app: Foursquare.  I downloaded it, but when I launched it, my Vita froze.  After a restart, I was able to sign into Foursquare and check into the hotel I’m staying at.  I could also explore places near me, and view my friends’ activity.

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How to find your free 250MB DataConnect promo

For those of you that got the launch package which includes 250MB of free data usage, activating the promo may be a challenge.  Sony’s blog has a good FAQ on setting up your DataConnect plan.  But for those of you who are more visual, I’ve taken some screenshots of the steps I took to find it.  This assumes you already have an active data plan, which is a requirement for the promo to work anyways.

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Skype app coming soon

According to Skype’s blog, their popular app will be coming to our beloved Vita soon.  I’m excited to see more apps that will expand the usefulness of the system, beyond just gaming.  Maybe one day it will even be able to compete with popular tablets.  Or is that just wishful thinking?

Vita unboxing and first impressions

After some shipping drama, my Vita is finally here, even if a tad late.  There are plenty of online unboxing videos, so I won’t bore everyone with the details.  But since I got the 3G launch bundle through Amazon, my box also included an 8GB memory card in addition to the standard power/usb cords, charger, and game system.

I was happy to find my Vita mostly charged, so I was able to boot it up without having to wait.  The initial setup screens were straight forward, but they could definitely be improved upon.  For instance, there was no wifi setup, and PSN couldn’t be setup without a connection, so you have to skip that step until later.  Setting up your 3G connection via AT&T is even more painful, as we pointed out in a previous post.

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Vita can receive SMS?

According to IGN, it looks like the Vita can receive text messages, but is missing the ability to send them out.  As you can see from this screen, a phone number has been assigned to the system.  Calling it will do nothing, but sending a text will have it pop up under “Notices from Operator”.  Will this be a feature Sony plans to expand on?  Wouldn’t it be nice to send a text to you friend when you’re looking for an opponent to play with?

Super Stardust Delta: my first game?

I’ve been doing some research on which game to get first on my Vita.  IGN has been rating more games for this system recently, so I decided to start there.  To my surprise, Super Stardust Delta got a 9.5/10.  Not that a game like this wouldn’t be fun, but because I had expected one of the “big production” games to take this top spot (ie. Uncharted).

I’m pretty sure I will be downloading this from PSN the day my Vita arrives.  Or I can get Super Stardust Delta + Blast Pack DLC for free if I sign up for one of AT&T’s 3G data plans ($15 for 250MB or $30 for 3GB).  If you haven’t seen the game yet, check out the video in this post.  Anyone else claiming this as their first game? Continue reading