Sony promises new PS Vita games on March 9

About time. I was worried that I’d be stuck staring at Little Deviants being in the top charts for another year. Luckily for us, Sony will be announcing a new slew of games on March 9 at 6 am EST.

The announcement can be viewed on their Japanese PlayStation website. Labeled “Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven,” Sony plans on covering all things related to the PS Vita, most importantly, new games. Joining the fun will be game developers, who will be presenting as well.

PS Vita Hill Club – San Francisco

In a previous post, I had mentioned that Sony was hosting social gatherings around the US until the actual launch date. We had the chance to stop by the SF one just the other day. Unfortunately, the place was closed by the time we arrived (note to self, most things close after 9pm). Fortunately, we got a few shots of the venue from the outside that still gave us some insight into the “going-ons” of the PS Vita Hill Club.  Hit the jump for pictures.

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