Sumioni: Demon Arts releases today

If you’ve been waiting for this Samurai platformer, then today is your day!  For $19.99, Sumioni will be available on PSN sometime today according to the Playstation blog.  The game makes use of the front and rear touch panels to “paint” physical paths onto the screen and perform attack moves.  I’ve you’ve never seen it in action, check out the video below!

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Vita unboxing and first impressions

After some shipping drama, my Vita is finally here, even if a tad late.  There are plenty of online unboxing videos, so I won’t bore everyone with the details.  But since I got the 3G launch bundle through Amazon, my box also included an 8GB memory card in addition to the standard power/usb cords, charger, and game system.

I was happy to find my Vita mostly charged, so I was able to boot it up without having to wait.  The initial setup screens were straight forward, but they could definitely be improved upon.  For instance, there was no wifi setup, and PSN couldn’t be setup without a connection, so you have to skip that step until later.  Setting up your 3G connection via AT&T is even more painful, as we pointed out in a previous post.

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Gravity Rush looks simply amazing

Of all the games that I’ve heard about so far for the PS Vita, I have to say that the one that I’m most interested in is Gravity Rush. There’s something about the game that sets it apart from other games. Perhaps it’s the concept, perhaps it’s the gameplay, I don’t know. But I do know that it’ll be one of the first games I get on launch day.

Decide for yourself with this gameplay video:

UPDATED: Apparently, Gravity Rush will not be made available on launch day. Sadly, I guess I’m in for a wait.