Army Corps of Hell brings Pikmin to the Vita

Army Corps of Hell is an interesting game from Square Enix that features some of the look and feel of Pikmin. For those of you who may remember Pikmin for the Gamecube, Army Corps of Hell has the same “follow the leader” gameplay.

The premise the story goes like this: you are the defeated King of Hell that has been banished from his kingdom and stripped of powers. With your remaining strength, you must command a legion of subservient goblins to reclaim your throne. Fortunately for you, these goblins have unique classes and abilities that you can leverage to achieve victory.

Now the interesting part is that you can join dropped items from creates that you defeat to create new tools. Sound a little familiar? That’s because the concept is borrowed from Minecraft.

In any case, the game has other nice features like ad-hoc multiplayer (up to 4 players), rear touchpad gameplay which can be used to activate special abilities, and a death metal soundtrack. Historically speaking, Square Enix has a proven track record of putting out some solid games so I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. The game itself looks like it’ll allow for quick short stints of playing, which is nice when you’re on the road and only have a few minutes here and there. Hit the jump for the latest trailer.

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