My ideal PS Vita case

So we’ve had several posts already that talk about some of the cases that will be coming out for the PS Vita. And while I went ahead and purchased Sony’s official PlayStation Vita Carrying Case, it still leaves something to be desired as it appears the PS Vita can still be damaged when throwing it in a backpack, which I typically do when traveling. That’s where the Pull ‘N Go Folio for PS Vita might save the day! The Pull ‘N Go Folio (“Folio”), is described as:

The ultimate organization and protection solution for PlayStation Vita. Holds a PlayStation Vita system, PS Vita AC adapter, up to 23 PS Vita Game Cards, 2 PS Vita Flash Memory Cards and other accessories. The Removable PS Vita mini-system case protects the PS Vita system and holds up to 4 game cards. Officially Licensed by Sony. *PS Vita system, PS Vita game cards, PS Vita Flash Memory Cards and other accessories sold separately.

While it doesn’t offer some of the features that the Carrying Case offers, such as the ability to tilt your PS Vita on a stand, it makes up for it in its ability to carry and protect everything, not just the PS Vita and a few cards. Not sure about the build quality just yet, but I’ll be purchasing it this week and I’ll give my impressions once I do. Hit the jump for more pictures.

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Pick a case, any case

For those of you looking to protect your $200+ investment, on launch day, there will be a few PS Vita accessories for you to choose from, fortunately. A set of cases that might be worth looking at are the Thrustmaster cases. They come in a few different flavors. From left to right, you have the S.P.F Case, the Shock Resistant Case (specifically dedicated to the Uncharted series), and the V.I.P. Case. There are a few other cases being made available by other manufacturers, including Sony, but the V.I.P. Case looks to be a pretty solid case in my opinion.