Pure Chess available tomorrow for geeks everywhere

OK, I’ll be the first to admit the fact that I’m a big fan of chess. Maybe it’s because its an intellectual game, maybe it’s because I played in high school, or maybe it’s because I like thinking that I’m smarter than I actually am, but there’s something about chess that just makes it so damn fun. For those of you that are like me, you’ll be happy to know that Pure Chess is going to be made available on May 29th, for both local and turn-based play. Chess games have exploded on mobile devices like the iPhone, where there are many popular social, turn-based chess games like Chess with Friends and Social Chess. But unlike many of its mobile competitors, Pure Chess has the advantage in that it will have its own built-in AI to compete against as well as training ranging from basic to advanced techniques. Even better, the PS Vita makes it capable to have fantastic graphics that are visually more stimulating than its mobile counterparts.

That said, there’s still some things to be determined. Will it have the ability to play random players? How will the Play By Mail work – will it require accessing your email via a different application in order to make the next move?

In any case, here is quick rundown of the features of Pure Chess:

  • Staunton, Checker, and Williams chess sets created with stunning detail and precision
  • Museum, Penthouse, and Library locations beautifully portrayed
  • Comprehensive tutorial that teaches you basic, intermediate, and advanced chess techniques
  • Wide variety of difficulty levels
  • 3 Tournaments to test your tactics
  • 100 Bonus chess puzzles to ponder over
  • Play By Mail with up to 8 of your friends
  • Track your ELO and Tournament ratings in the ranking boards
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