Pre-orders of Gravity Rush come bundled with extras

If you’re like me and you’re patiently awaiting the NA release of Gravity Rush, then you’ll be happy to know that it will come bundled with additional downloadable content (DLC) provided that you pre-order the game. By pre-ordering, you will receive two extra side missions, two new challenge missions and a military-themed costume for Kat (the main character).

Extra Missions:

Once you complete Episode 17 of the main story, you’ll unlock the new “Game Rules” side mission. In this mission, Kat has been asked by Commander Yuri to train as a military officer. As she trains with her rival, Seawasp, a message comes in saying that the Nevi have appeared and it is up to you to defeat them. After you clear this mission, you’ll receive Kat’s unique military costume!

Complete the “Game Rules” side mission and you’ll be able to access a second side mission: “Visionary courage.” In this mission, D’nerica has ordered for the capture of a massive amount of Nevies. En route, a disaster strikes and Hekseville is swarmed. Amidst the chaos that ensues, Kat must decide which is more important – her mission, or her friends.

Challenge Missions:

Once you’ve completed Episode 8 and Episode 11 of the main game, you’ll also be able to access the “Factory Energy Gate Race 2” and “Slide Race in Another Dimension” challenge missions respectively.
Gravity Rush’s launch is right around the corner, so be sure to take advantage of the exclusive Military DLC Pack by pre-ordering at any of our participating retailers.

Personally, this game can’t come any sooner. Lumines can capture my attention for only so long – I’m in need of a game with a deeper storyline. I’m not one to make predictions, but I have a strong feeling that this game will be one of the best of the year for the PS Vita.