PlayStation Store offers alternatives to launch titles

There may be some of you out there that aren’t that stoked about the list of launch titles (whether it be launch “day” or “window”) and have reservations about purchasing the PS Vita early on. To address this, Sony is responding by making hundreds of PSP titles and PlayStation Minis available on launch day. Which means, if there were certain games that you wanted to play but couldn’t because it only existed on the PSP, you’ll have another chance once you get your hands on the PS Vita.

There are 2 ways to get these games to your PS Vita. You can either (i) purchase and then download the game directly from the PS Vita via WiFi; or (ii) connect your PS Vita to your PS3 via a USB cable and transfer your games using the PS Vita’s on-board Content Manager.

Why this is important to you: outside of the fact that you’ll have a larger library of games to play, the success of the PS Vita may be somewhat contingent on the type of adopters of the system. Is the PS Vita catering to just the serious gamer? If so, Sony would be missing out on a huge portion of the market. The existence of the PlayStation Store, in conjunction with downloadable bite-size games like PlayStation Minis, could mean getting more folks not interested in hard-core gaming to take a second look at the PS Vita. This is good because the more people we have playing the PS Vita, the more that developers (whether backed by huge companies or just independent shops) will want to port or even develop their games to the PS Vita too. While my iPhone and iPad satisfy a part of my gaming needs, there are plenty of games that I would have loved to have played with a dual-analog stick or with some of the other features offered only on the PS Vita. So hats off to Sony for making this available to PS Vita gamers on day one. Hit the jump for a list of games being made available on launch day.

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