If only we had a Monster Hunter

Sony has been under fire a bit for less than stellar sales of the PS Vita in its home market, Japan. Despite large sales in the first few days after launch (325,000), the weeks after didn’t quite seem to indicate a strong interest in the PS Vita. Analysts have surmised that it could have been due to lack of availability or lack of interest in handhelds, but my guess is that it could be just a lack of blockbuster games at launch.

In a recent interview with the head of PlayStation France, Philippe Cardon stated:

The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the tastes of of the Japanese public,” Cardon noted. “The system lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, which is scheduled for release in the coming months. Had it been there [for launch] in Japan, the story would have been different.”

This is the first mention of the Monster Hunter game coming to the PS Vita, a game that has a strong following in Japan.

Personally, while I’m still planning on getting the PS Vita launch day, I have to say that there may be others that don’t have expressed interest in any of the launch-day titles. Hopefully, games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss will appeal to US and European gamers more than the Japanese.