Vita update 1.6 in Japan brings maps, movies, and more

It looks like this latest firmware update will come with a few goodies bundled with it.  The new maps application looks similar to the apps commonly found on smartphones.  Common functions such as satellite view, searching points-of-interest, calculating routes, and pinning locations all seem to be present.

Also included is the ability to switch to video recording while you’re in the camera app.  I’m surprised this wasn’t there at launch, but at least now you can capture those embarrassing youtube moments in full motion detail.

Lastly, the release will support the OS X version of their Content Management software, which will enable Mac users to transfer their pictures, videos, and application data onto their computer.  I’m assuming all of these features will make it onto the U.S. version of the Vita when it finally launches this month.  There’s no reason Sony would hold out on us right?